Computer Science

Facilities and Hardware Requirements

The College campus is fully networked with wireless connections available over most of the campus. The Department of Computer Science maintains a Windows lab and a Linux lab and shares another Linux lab with the Engineering Department. The Department also has lab space available for non-instructional activities. There are many other open computer labs across campus.

Many computer science courses require a notebook computer that you have to bring to class regularly - it can be any type that you prefer - Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. It does not need to be a powerful, high-end machine. You can get recommendations from  or similar sites. You will be programming in an environment you are comfortable with, and we will help you set up with any required software. You will have free access to all Microsoft Office products once you register for courses. As a rule, though, all of our courses use free and open source software.

Students are encouraged to remotely connect to the campus using VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology provided by Academic Computer Services. Academic Computing also offers many popular software products for download by our students.