Communication Disorders

Post-Baccalaureate Program Testimonials

"My graduate studies at Hofstra are going great! It's definitely tough, but completely doable with discipline and motivation. I honestly believe the Post-BA program prepared me for graduate studies. To be honest, I keep referring back my notes from classes because they provided a solid foundation and explained concepts in great detail. For example, I'm using notes I took in Dr. Turk's audiology class for my audiology Practicum and am referring to Dr. Owen's notes from Child Language Disorders for guidance in treatment and lesson planning. I even looked back at notes from Professor Abramovich's Diagnosis in SLP class before going into my first therapy session. I can go on and on, but these notes are indispensable! I'm currently doing great in the clinic and in my classes. At times it all seems overwhelming, but everything seems to be working out! I feel like I'm level with students who have received a bachelors degree in CSD. The program at Hofstra is demanding, but I can already see the transformation within myself as a 'emerging clinician.'"

– Jackie Fuentes '17


"I just wanted to let you know that I made my decision to go to Hofstra University's graduate program for the fall of 2016. I thank you so much for your help with my recommendation letter, and for all your help and support throughout my time in the program at SUNY New Paltz. This program has far exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I was nervous to tackle an online program with material that was very uncharted for me, but the professors are so thorough and helpful while still pushing you to be held accountable for your work and learning. I am so grateful for the opportunity afforded to me to learn and grow in the SUNY New Paltz program and look forward to my future endeavors in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. Thank you once again for all your help."

– Arielle Monteiro '16


"I think being older and perhaps having a better idea of what's at stake for my future clients, I was particularly dedicated to getting the most out of the program. It was the perfect bridge between being a total newcomer to the field of communication disorders and being a graduate student. Plus, the online format was extremely convenient for me as a parent. I do hope talented, older, second-career (or even third-career) people out there can join the field through the Post-BA program."

– Esther Yun '14


 "The Post-BA has served me very well and I feel it was a very good preparation for graduate school. It was an invaluable program for me because it allowed me to go from having almost no experience in the field to being enrolled in a graduate program, with my own client, within a year. I am enjoying the challenges and learning experiences provided in the graduate program so far. I would highly recommend the Post-BA program to students who are interested in entering the field of communication disorders. It is flexible, affordable, and provides you with the knowledge you need for success."

– Emily Sabin '13


"I feel that the New Paltz program more than prepared me for graduate school. Many of my peers had a Communication Disorders Bachelor's degree and I feel as though I am just as knowledgeable as they are in many aspects. I would not have done anything differently and I feel that this program provided me with everything I needed."

– Gina Lattari '13


"I am very happy with my decision to participate in the Post-Bac program at New Paltz. It gave me the majority of the undergrad pre-reqs necessary to begin graduate course work at The College of Saint Rose, and the online format allowed me to enjoy time in France while I was working towards the Post-Bac Certificate. I think that it's a great program."

– Meredith Goff '13


"I'm doing very well at NYMC. The program is great and I feel that I'm gaining a lot of valuable knowledge and clinical experience. Looking back, I have nothing but praise for the Post BA Program. I learned so much and would recommend it to others (which I have done). I am yet to feel overwhelmed during my graduate course work, and I contribute a lot of that to the Post BA Program."

– Timothy Rush '13


"I just wanted to share some good news: I've been accepted to San Francisco State University. They had 30 spots in a very competitive program, so I'm feeling extremely relieved and very honored. I am so thankful to you, not only for writing a letter of recommendation, but also for making this career change possible! I'm not being hyperbolic when I say, I don't know what I would have done if I didn't get into this program last summer! Your guidance in helping me plan and your organization in making sure I got all the classes I needed made everything fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Through the classes at New Paltz, I'm more convinced than ever that I've found my calling and I'm thrilled to be starting a masters program in August! Many, many thanks to you!"

– Meg Frost '12


"If someone told me over a year ago that I’d be entering a graduate program for communication disorders in the fall, I would not believe them. However I am so lucky that this is in fact true. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology I never thought a change in career was possible both personally and academically. Fortunately after much consideration, I came across New Paltz’s Foundations Program which helped make my decision much easier. I found New Paltz’s Foundations Program to be fast, convenient, and helpful. I was able to complete it in a year and was even able to take online courses from my home, which helped with my busy schedule. The advisement I received was extremely supportive, and I found the professors to be motivating. Any of the insecurities I might have had about switching majors were surely gone after seeing the passion that these professors have for this field; it is truly inspiring. I am happy I decided to follow my true dream of becoming a speech language pathologist, and know it was done a little easier with the help of New Paltz’s program."

– Lauren Hvolbeck ‘11


"I highly recommend the post-baccalaureate program for communication disorders at SUNY New Paltz to anyone interested in speech language pathology with a background in another field. I had an undergraduate degree in psychology, and was looking to continue my education. In one year (including a summer, fall, and spring semester), I was able to take 10 classes in the communication disorders field. These classes met the requirements to apply to all of the graduate programs I was interested in. I will be starting graduate school this fall and because of my extensive coursework at SUNY New Paltz I will be considered an “undergraduate major” in my program--- by being considered a major I will be able to have my very own client. Most importantly, I believe the post-baccalaureate program at SUNY New Paltz prepared me for the rigorous curriculum of graduate school."

– Ricki Feldman ‘11


"My experience in the communication disorders program at SUNY New Paltz was fantastic. The post-baccalaureate program exposed me to the core classes needed to fulfill the prerequisites for most graduate programs. The course work was both challenging and interesting. The dedicated faculty members were very accessible and their interest and ownership of the material made them great resources. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone interested in the field of audiology or speech language pathology."

– Kevin Kehoe ‘11