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Accounts Payable
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Payments: NYS Guidlines

There are several types of payments:


Requirements for these types of payments
A/P must have either an original invoice signed and dated by an authorized individual from the department or a receipt from the Receiving Department that the goods have been received in good order.

Until these receipts or authorizations are received, the Accounts Payable office cannot pay the vendor. After the receipt of all pertinent documentation the A/P office has 30 days from when all documentation has been received to pay the invoice/reimbursement.

It should be noted - no NYS tax will be paid. There is a tax exempt form that may be used for purchases and can be obtained from the Purchasing Department.


Requirements for this type of payment

  • Consultant/Lecturer's Reimbursement Requisition
  • Standard Voucher signed by consultant
  • Program information or flyer
  • Original receipts are required for any expenses incurred by the consultant