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New Paltz Sweethearts: Tumbarello


My husband and I met at Joe's on Main Street on March 26, 1972. (I remember the date distinctly because it was my 21st birthday.) There was a fraternity-sorority party going on at which a friend (Annette Masaryk '72) and I were celebrating our mutual birthday. Other friends had brought a cake, and after the requisite singing, candles, etc. our friends expressed their congratulations with hugs and kisses, etc., as was the habit.

One of those in the crowd was someone I had never met, whose first words to me were, "Can I get a kiss, too?" My reply was something to the effect of, "Sure. But who are you?" He introduced himself as Phillip Angelo Anthony Tumbarello, and the conversation continued until dawn, as I recall.

Phil and Sue TumbarelloHe is more often known as Phil Tumbarello, class of ‘74, political science major, RA in Capen Hall, member of Delphic Fraternity and a former member of the Campus Security Force (1973-75).

I am Susan Dross Tumbarello, Class of ‘73, history major, member of Clionian Sorority, and former employee at the Campus Data Center.

Phil and Sue TumbarelloWe've been married since June, 1973 and have two teenage sons. As requested, I'm enclosing some "then" and "now" pictures. The before pictures were taken at the Ashokan campsite and reservoir in Spring 1972. The after picture was taken June 1998, on the weekend of our 25th wedding anniversary.


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