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New Paltz Sweethearts: Ryder


Thirty-five years ago, before I became a teacher, I worked at the CUB Cafeteria. At 17, the job did not present itself as life changing, but one should never underestimate a new job and all its possibilities.

Willet and Eleanor RyderA tall boy with Bermuda shorts and stick-thin legs made his way from the food line into my heart. After dropping his flatware at least five times in front of me, he summoned up the courage to ask me for a date. (Later I learned that Dean Jefferies had provided him with my name!)

That boy with the thin legs has grown into a 54-year-old man, and my husband of 32 years. We eloped on November 10, 1966! His name is Willet Ryder, and I am Eleanor (Golding) Ryder. Together we have a 24-year-old daughter, who is now pursing her master's degree at Harvard. (New Paltz was too far from her boyfriend and her job at Neighborhood Network News in Boston).

We've been very happily teaching these 32 years, and our excellent professors at New Paltz prepared us well for the classroom! Will has a B.S. (‘66) and MS (‘68) from New Paltz, and an Ed. D. (‘85) from NYU. He is an associate Professor at York College (CUNY), and I teach fourth grade at Medford Elementary school  (Patchogue-Medford Public School).

Willet and Eleanor RyderWe have fond memories of our time in New Paltz. Roommates Anita (Glasser) Schult, Ann Marie (Nazzaro) Lehman, and Lorraine (Weyant) Conlin are still an important part of our lives. We hope that all students have the same wonderful experience that we've had!


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