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New Paltz Sweethearts: Morris



Yes, we met at SUNY New Paltz on January 17, 1976. It was a blizzard. We danced the night away at P&G's on the night that we met. That semester we ended up in the same class, Hugo Munsterberg's, "Art of China & Japan." We married in June of 1978. Rich graduated and I had a semester to go. My degree reads Nora Strano-Morris. I dropped the Morris after one year of marriage after reading the novel, "The Women's Room." It redefined our marriage. I was always glad that I dropped the Morris, but kept Rich Morris. Rich Morris and Nora

StranoWe celebrated 20 years of marriage last June and, yes, we moved back  to New Paltz two and ½ years ago — something about the Shawangunk curse as I recall. We both ended up being social workers and, you guessed it, parents. We have three boys: Nicholas, age 9; Isaiah, age 8; and Michael, age 7. Life is good, but it sure turned out different than we ever imagined it.

Richard J. Morris Jr. graduated in May 1978 with a bachelor's degree in art education with a speciality in drawing and painting. Nora Strano-Morris (now Nora Strano) graduated in December 1978 with a bachelor's degree in elementary education and sociology. We both went on to get our master's degrees in social work.


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