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New Paltz Sweethearts: McNamara



I met my sweetheart at New Paltz. I was a senior in April, 1974 and he was a junior when our paths crossed at the gym. A mutual friend introduced us. We needed a sixth person on the coed volleyball team so I "allowed" him to join. I proceeded to run all over him on the court because he didn't know how to play the ball. That's such a joke now because I didn't know how good an athlete he was (he happened to be on the baseball team and I loved sports so we clicked almost immediately). In the month or so I had left to graduate, we had a wonderful time together. We had a great bunch of friends and we shared coed softball, bowling, and volleyball together. We all went to P&G's, Thesis and did the hustle at the Pilgrimage. 

Deborah and Thomas McNamaraI'll always be grateful to New Paltz. As well as having the best mountain view, best colors of trees in the fall, and the clearest night-time sky for star gazing, it's also where we first met. We're married 21 years now, and we still return with our daughters (ages 15 and 8) for the fun of it. To this day I still look at the faces on Main Street hoping to run into someone. But, alas, all the faces are new. Chez Joey's is gone, as is the Kosher Deli, and the Grand Union. They have added a few fast food places now (and they gave us such a hard time about having Carol's!). New Paltz is another place to call home.


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