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New Paltz Sweethearts: Flynn

It was a snowy night, Friday, February 7, 1986 to be exact. The snow had been falling all day, which caused me to miss a dentist appointment back home. I was stranded in New Paltz - as fate would have it! My friends and I trekked through the snow from Gage Hall to P&G's where we warmed ourselves with good beer and good tunes. There I sat at the first table to the right of the door. Little did I know my future husband and father of my children would come walking through that very door. And there he was, standing before me as handsome as can be - Mark Flynn! He was speaking with a friend of mine, whom I was kicking in the shins to introduce us.

"Sarah, this is Mark. Mark, this is Sarah." 

Mark and Sarah FlynnEight little words that would change my life forever. Above the din of Modern English's, "Melt with You," we learned we both lived on Gage Hall's third floor, we were both New York Mets fans, and we both liked U2. We sat across from each other, at out table, drinking beer, sharing life stories, laughing, flirting, falling in love. The hours vanished and the house lights came on. We gathered our things and set out into the falling snow, hand-in-hand toward our future!

Thirteen years ago - can it really be that long? We've been married for nine years and have two children: a 3-year-old son, Jack, and a 1-year-old daughter, Siobhan. We are expecting our third child early next year - oh and the date - February 7. I wonder if it will be snowing?

Mark and Sarah FlynnCongratulations to Sarah and Mark on their new arrivals. Aidan Mark Flynn was born on February 4, 1999 and their fourth child, a daughter, Deirdre Maeve was born on July 23, 2000!

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