Preferred Name Use and Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing

The Office of Residence Life has designed various residency options on campus as gender inclusive. These residence options allow a student of gender to live with another student of any gender. The inclusive housing options are within Bevier, Deyo, Dubois and Lenape Halls. New entry transgender students seeking on-campus gender-neutral housing should contact the Office of Residence Life directly at 845-257-4444 to discuss options and needs.

Preferred Name

Students, faculty or staff who wishes to be identified on campus, by preferred name must complete the Preferred Name Form and bring it to Records & Registration along with your college ID.

The individual's "preferred name" will appear in in the "You are logged in as" message. In addition, for students, faculty will see their preferred name when using the following faculty services: Blackboard, class rosters, mid-term evaluations, final grade submissions, advisee listings, and on the student transcript search page.

PLEASE NOTE: Preferred names cannot be listed on the transcript as it is a legal document.

Why can't the preferred name be on campus IDs? The campus IDs are used off campus and require the use of legal names. Preferred names are only for on campus use.

If campus community members would like their IDs to reflect their preferred name, they must change their name legally.

Creating Safe and Inclusive Classrooms

Our goal is to foster a more inclusive community where we demonstrate respect and support for students' diverse gender identities and gender expression. We offer the following suggestions to faculty:

  • When taking attendance on the first stay of glass give students' last names and then ask the student to tell you their preferred first names.
  • On the first day of class, give students the opportunity to give their preferred pronouns (he, him, his; she, her, hers; they, them, their; etc) and set the expectation that every effort will be made to use the students' preferred pronouns in class.
  • You may also asks students to turn in Index cards indicating preferred name and pronoun. Transgender students may prefer not to be addressed by the name on our class lists.
  • Advise students that if they would like changed to their preferred names in other class rosters they would be required to complete the Preferred Name Form, which can be located on the Records & Registration website.