Center for Student Engagement

Volunteering for Campus & Community Organizations

The SUNY New Paltz Center for Student Engagement is committed to providing students with volunteer and service learning opportunities.

Don't let the opportunity to use bright, enthusiastic SUNY New Paltz students volunteer for your organization pass you by! 



Knowledge, time, and energy of people are a powerful resource in our community. A volunteer works without payment or compensation for services because they choose to do so. Many serve at non profit organizations -- but a significant number also serve less formally, either individually or as part of a group.

Once you've identified a need for volunteers please contact the Center for Student Engagement at 845-257-3025 or We can post one time, short term or ongoing projects. Depending on your needs, both individuals and groups of students can assist with projects. Examples include, but are not limited to: tutoring, mentoring, fundraising, or special events that require extra assistance.

Service Learning

Service Learning is a teaching/ learning strategy that links learning in the classroom to activities throughout New Paltz and the surrounding communities. The integration of community service and instruction strategically designed to meet the important community needs, to improve student learning and foster civic involvement.

Coursework is strategically designed to both meet the important community needs, to improve student learning and foster civic involvement.The partnerships provide increased production and quality of service for organizations and deeper understanding for the students who participate.Strengthens partnership between the college and the community.  The enthusiastic students inspire the community at large to participate in the various worthwhile events.

Volunteer Fair

Each September, the Center for Student Engagement hosts a Volunteer Fair.  Many successful volunteer matches have been made as a result of this fair in the past. Do not miss this opportunity to meet hundreds of students from a wide variety of majors who are seeking meaningful volunteer experiences!

Make a Difference Day

Each October, we host Make a Difference Day, the largest national day of doing good!  Volunteers spend the day at one of approximately 30 service sites in the Mid-Hudson Valley region, meeting new people, making a difference, and having fun!