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Surplus & Property Control
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Contact: Peggy Clark 
Phone: 845-257-3331 
Fax: 845-257-3314

  • Request for Surplus Removal Form *
    If you have an item that you need to have declared as surplus and removed from your area, please complete the Request for Surplus Removal Form (convert PDF to text) and fax it to Property Control at x3314. All computer Equipment must be examined, verified and INITIALED by Computer Services (x3449) before it can be declared surplus.

  • Internal Transfer Form *
    If an item is to be, or has been, relocated to another department, please fill out the Internal Transfer Form (convert PDF to text). The form must be signed by Department Chair, Program Director or authorized personnel. Mail completed form to Property Control, SB 102A. This will ensure that the item is properly transferred from your departmental inventory to another.

  • Temporary Off-Campus Removal Form *
    All items that are to be removed from the campus must have a Temporary Off-Campus Removal Form completed. If an item is to be on temporary loan, moved off campus for any period of time, or permanently removed from campus, approval from the department head and the Property Control department is required. No item may be removed from campus without notifying and obtaining approval from the Property Control department. Please fax the signed, completed form to x3314 or

Please note that:

  • All computer equipment must be examined by Computer Services to determine its condition prior to removal. Forms not initialed by Computer Services prior to submission will be returned.
  • If you are replacing old office or classroom furniture, please contact Property Control as far in advance as possible so that the old furniture can be moved or removed. There is very limited space to store large items on the campus.
  • Property Control must be notified of any item delivered directly to your department without first going to the Receiving department. These items include the following: copiers, scientific equiptment, furniture, and any item over $5,000. If this happens, please be sure to contact property control as soon as the item is delivered.
  • Departments are responsible for inventory of items under $5,000. Please update the department/program inventory once a year.
  • Items can not be donated to non-profit organizations that are not part of New York State