Institutional Research

Qualtrics Terms of Use

Qualtrics web survey software is available to New Paltz faculty, staff, and students. Qualtrics combines an easy to use interface with a sophisticated research product. There are many question types including heat maps, slider and rank order. You can format questions with rich text editing and graphics. Qualtrics allows customized text for respondents such as personalizing a survey with a name or pulling text from previous questions into subsequent questions. You can access free tutorials on the Qualtrics website.

1. Your campus Qualtrics account is restricted to university-related work. Its purpose is to allow users to conduct research and gather information in support of the university's educational mission and organizational goals. Student use of Qualtrics is restricted to surveys for coursework and faculty/staff guided research.

2. Getting a Qualtrics account: Go to the page and select the option "I don't have an account"

3. Use of Qualtrics must comply with campus policies including:

“Unauthorized Use of Computer Services” in the Student Handbook (, Section III, B, 18.00

Computer Services Acceptable Uses and Privacy Policy 

4. Qualtrics accounts will be deleted when the user leaves New Paltz. Any surveys and data associated with that account will be deleted. 

5. All human participant research conducted by New Paltz University faculty, students, and staff, must receive prior approval of New Paltz’s Human Research Ethics Board.

6. Users are also bound by all applicable contracts and licenses, including Qualtrics’ Acceptable Use Statement, available at Use of Qualtrics must conform to federal copyright law (