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Italian Studies

The Italian Studies Lecture Series - 11/15/00

November 15, 2000
Joseph Tusiani, Poet and Distinguished Service Professor (CUNY): "From Emigration to Poetry: An Hour with Joseph Tusiani"

Joseph Tusiani, Distinguished Service Professor, retired from City University of New York in 1983. As a poet, Tusiani is the author of Rind and All, The Fifth Season, and Gente Mia and Other Poems. He has also published four collections of verse in Latin, the last of which, Confinia Lucis et Umbrae, appeared in 1989. He has translated into English some of the most important works of Italian and European Literature. His translations include The Complete Poems of Michelangelo, Tasso’s Jerusalem Delivered and Creation of the World, Boccaccio’s Nymphs of Fiesole, Pulci’s Morgante, Leopardi’s Canti and Dante’s Lyric Poems.

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