Internal Controls



Internal controls are already part of our daily operations. The controls developed and exercised by managers and their staff are the substance of the internal control program. SUNY New Paltz’s Internal Control Program helps to ensure that the controls are properly documented and that they are functioning as intended.

The goal is not to make each person an expert in internal controls, but to increase our awareness and understanding of internal controls. In fact, the single most important success factor of the Internal Control Program is a high level of individual awareness and understanding. Internal controls are everyone's responsibility, therefore, it is critical that each person is able to identify the internal controls that exist in their unit. We are all responsible to know what internal controls exist and how to evaluate their effectiveness.

A successful Internal Control Program will help to streamline our processes and improve the level and quality of our services. The result of SUNY New Paltz’s Internal Control Program will be a better, more enjoyable work place and a quality institution of higher education.

For more information on internal controls or the status of SUNY New Paltz’s internal control program, please contact SUNY New Paltz’s internal control officer.

Adapted from the following documents: Understanding Internal Controls within the State University Of New York Internal Controls Handbook, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY State College of Optometry and SUNY Cortland's Internal Control Programs.

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