Internal Controls

Basic Definition

Internal Controls: Internal Controls are an integral part of each system used to regulate and guide operations. Internal controls are designed to promote performance leading to the effective accomplishment of an organization's goals and objectives.

Internal Control Systems: Internal controls with a common purpose are grouped together and referred to as internal control systems. Basically, internal control systems are the laws, policies and procedures that affects the daily operations and management of SUNY New Paltz.

Examples of internal control systems include, but are not limited to:

  • External (federal, state, university) laws, regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Policies of the University Board of Trustees
  • College handbook, catalog, and other statements of policy and procedure
  • Academic curricular and course outlines
  • Student registration system
  • Financial and personnel procedures
  • College long-range plan
  • Bargaining contracts
  • Financial and operational audits
  • Employee performance programs and evaluations
  • Accreditations (Middle States, etc.)
  • Time and attendance reporting
  • Property (equipment) control
  • Electronic data and network security
  • Public safety, environmental safety, code compliance practices
  • Faculty Senate governance process
  • Facilities Operations, Service contracts, revocable permits
  • Planning and Construction
  • Student and employee identification cards, etc.

Reasonable Assurance: All internal control systems must provide reasonable assurance that the objectives of the campus will be met in a cost effective manner. Reasonable assurance provides sufficient confidence that internal controls are functioning to ensure the organization will meet its goals and objectives.

The Cost of Internal Controls: Internal control systems should remain cost effective and not exceed the benefit derived.

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