Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Management Team Members

The Emergency Management Team (EMT) consists of the following individuals from across the campus:

  • Matthew Alfultis, Assistant Director - Office of Emergency Management
  • Gail Beltrone, Assistant Vice President - Office of Facilities Management
  • Gary Buckman, Director - Office of Facilities Operations & Maintenance
  • Rafael Calderon, Assistant Director of Administrative Operations - Office of Residence Life
  • Michael Cavalieri, General Manager - Dining Services
  • Paul Chauvet, Information Security Officer - Office of Information Technology
  • Michael Corbisiero, Chief - University Police Department
  • Peter Fairbrother, Coordinator - Office of Internal Controls
  • Deb Gould, Assistant Provost - Division of Academic Affairs
  • Michele Halstead, Vice President - Division of Administration & Finance
  • Robert Moysey, Assistive Technology Coordinator - Office of Disability Resource Center
  • Kyle Mungavin, Associate Director - Office of Environmental Health & Safety
  • John Oles, Manager of Marketing & Social Media - Office of Communication & Marketing
  • Jay Palen, Director - Office of Telecommunications
  • John Reina, Chief Information Officer & Assistant Vice President - Office of Information Technology
  • Matthew Skillman, Director of Digital Media - Office of Communications & Marketing
  • Ryan Williams, Deputy Chief - University Police Department