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Office of Emergency Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-What are the various methods the college uses to notify the campus in the event of an emergency?

A-SUNY New Paltz utilizes six different methods to notify the campus in the event of an emergency. They are;

  1. NP Alert. NP Alert utilizes text messages, emails and automated phone calls.  Click here for additional information.
  2. Outdoor speaker towers mass notification system. The college has an outdoor public address system to allow for emergency voice messages. This system is also being integrated into new construction and renovation projects throughout the campus.
  3. Telephone alert system. The college's new digital phone system can also broadcast emergency voice messages that will over-ride a normal telephone call on the system.
  4. Scrolling marquees. Scrolling marquees have been installed in every residence hall and other "high foot traffic" areas. These units will broadcast an emergency message via scrolling text and audio.
  5. Digital signage. Large screen digital signage (TVs) have been installed throughout the campus and can be remotely taken over to display emergency messages.
  6. Website homepage message. In the event of an emergency, information will be visible on the top portion of the www.newpaltz.edu website.