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Lockout and Tagout Procedures

These procedures cover the servicing and maintenance of machines or equipment in which the unexpected energizing or start up of the machines or equipment, or release of stored energy could cause injury to employees. This is an abbreviated web version of the SUNY New Paltz Policy and Program.



Employees working on hazardous energies such as steam, electrical or mechanical systems that require the shutting down of specific equipment or systems to facilitate the work will take the following precautions to ensure their own and fellow employee's safety.

  1. Lockout - places a positive means of locking the energizing device in a safe position. Lockouts can be padlocks, chains, or flange blanks.
  2. Tagout - placing a prominent warning device, such as a tag and means of attachment, which can be securely fastened to an energy isolating device to indicate that the energy isolating device and the equipment being controlled may not be operated until the tag out device is removed.



Lockout devices to be used on a mechanical equipment shall consist of a multiple lock safety lockout device placed through the disconnect switch of the electrical supply, locking the mechanism in the off or open position. The lock should be installed by the person working on the equipment and also removed by this person. Under no circumstances shall the lock be removed by any means other than the key of the person who placed the lockout. A tag shall be attached to the lockout device giving the following information.

  1. Name the person placing the lockout
  2. Date installed
  3. Reason for the lockout
  4. Department to contact for further information

Chains installed on valves locking them in position shall also carry the above information on the attached tag.



Where it is impossible to install a lockout device, a tag will be installed clearly marked with a DANGER warning and giving the information stated above. This tag will be of two parts so that a duplicate of the information can be kept with the supply of tags.

All lockouts-tagout devices shall be provided by the college. No other devices shall be used.


Documentation Required

Written Lock/out tag out procedures for equipment with more than one source of power showing where and how to apply locks and tags, shutdown procedures, verification of lock out /tag out has defeated energy sources (this is to be completed by the dept applying the tags/locks).

Documented Periodic Inspections of employees who apply locks and tags to be completed by Supervisors




The supervisors of the maintenance shops, central heating plant, garage and any areas engaged in control of hazardous energies (including art depts.)  are responsible for the compliance to this policy for their individual areas.



For questions or concerns, contact:

Kyle Mungavin, Assistant Director
Service Building room 217