Instrumentation and Undergraduate Research


Students have access to a variety of modern instruments that are used in laboratory instruction and research projects including:  Jeol 400 MHz FT-NMR, Nicolet FT-IR, Thermo GC-Mass spec., Waters and Thermo Scientific HPLC systems, Flame Atomic Absorption spectrometer, Asylum AFM with fluorescence microscopy, Cary UV-Vis spectophotometer, SPEX Fluorolog 3 spectrofluorometer and Princeton Applied ResearchVerastat 3 potentiostat.



At SUNY New Paltz, most Chemistry majors participate in undergraduate research with a faculty member. This experience is invaluable for students that will go on to graduate school, medical school, or a science profession. In addition, there are several opportunities for student stipends for undergraduate research during the summer months. Students regularly present their research at local, regional, and national conferences.