SUNY New Paltz Emergency Notification System

SUNY New Paltz Emergency Notification System
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Opting Out & Customizing Contact Preferences

All students are subscribed by default and must login to to opt-out or customize their contact preferences. Faculty/staff must register to receive emergency alert notifications.

Once logged in to, go to the "Student Services" or "Faculty/Staff Services" tab, and then the NP Alert channel. Login to Rave Wireless using your NPCUID username/password (the same one you logged into with.). If you are a faculty/staff member registering for the first time, instead of logging in at the Rave Wireless window, press the "Register" button underneath instead.

Instructions for:


How to login to access your account

  1. Login to
  2. Go to the Faculty/Staff Services or Student Services tab
  3. In the NP Alert channel:
    • Students: Follow the link to login to manage your account. On the NP Alert/Rave Wireless page, login on the top left side with the same username and password you used to login to
    • Faculty/Staff: Follow the link to login to NP Alert. If you were previously registered for NP Alert prior to July 2009, use the "Login" boxes on the upper left side and login with the same username/password you used to login to If you are registered for NP Alert for the first time, use the "Register Now" section on that page. On the following page, enter your NPCUID username/password (same as


To Opt-Out

If you are a student, once you are logged in, you will see the screen below. Uncheck the box in the "Text" column to the right of the group called "SUNY New Paltz Broadcast Alerts" if you do not want to see emergency notifications as a text message to your cell phone.


To change/update your contact preferences

Click on the "My Account" tab to edit your mobile number and/or voice only line (this can also be your mobile number).


To join non-emergency groups

We currently have three optional groups you may join:

  • Class of 20XX: This is a group for first year students to receive occasional text messages with information specific to their class
  • New Paltz Student Activities: Occassional text messages will be sent to you promoting select events on campus
  • Off-Campus/Commuter Students: The Office of Student Activities and Union Services will use this group to send updates for off-campus students for things such as: Living Off-Campus 101 Workshops, Commuter Appreciation Days, Off-Campus Student Socials, Off-Campus Student Union events and promotion, Upcoming Registration Workshop for new Transfer Students, Planning on Living Off-Campus Workshops, and Commuter Locker Rentals (beginning fall 2010 when the Construction is complete).

To join, after you login to and NP Alert, you'll see the Groups dashboard and the above groups listed under "Official Groups." Select the one you want to join, then choose "join" on the following page.