Winter Session at SUNY New Paltz

Winter Minor Courses

Minor Courses offered during Winter Session

SUNY New Paltz offers a wide array of courses during the Winter that satisfy requirements for minors. Below is a list of courses offered this Winter that satisfy a requirement for a minor. Please note, students cannot declare a minor during Winter Session. 

A few majors require students to minor in a field, but most in most cases declaring a minor is optional. Minors typically involve between 18 and 25 credits, and can be a way of exploring an interest area in a less in-depth way than a major, or of organizing elective credits. To determine if a department offers a minor, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students who wish to pursue a minor must contact the department offering the minor to submit the Declaration of Change webform. When the changes are processed, the student will receive an email acknowledgment and the change will be reflected on the progress report. At least half of the credits for the minor must not be contained within the program plan of the student's major.  (This includes major courses as well as required cognate courses.) Students will be expected to fulfill the minor requirements that are in effect at the time the minor is officially declared. Transfer credits may be applied to minor requirements; however, one-half of the minor must be completed at New Paltz.  Students should consult the department regarding minimum grade requirements for courses used to fulfill the minor.

None Offered this semester


Asian Studies

Black Studies

Communication Studies

Deaf Studies

Disaster Studies

Environmental Studies

Evolutionary Studies




Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Religious Studies


Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies