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Vice President of Student Affairs Search

The Role

The VPSA will provide oversight and stewardship of fiscal and human resources within the student affairs division. In a budget constrained environment where nearly 60 percent of student affairs departments and activities are funded through designated fees, the VPSA must be creative with the $11 million budget. S/he will manage an array of departments that provide student learning and development opportunities. The full organizational chart can be found here: https://www.newpaltz.edu/media/president/ORG%20Chart%20-%20Dec.2.2016.pdf

The new Vice President of Student Affairs will advise and collaborate with colleagues across the College on all matters that shape the New Paltz student experience and campus culture. The VPSA will be a thought partner and leadership voice within the President’s senior staff; an advocate, role model, and mentor for students; and the senior leader of a large and core division within the College, delivering a complex array of services and programs.