PHY201 General Physics 1

Basic principles of mechanics, wave motion, and thermodynamics using vector analysis and calculus. Primarily for students majoring in physics, engineering, mathematics, and chemistry; students majoring in biology and geology should consult their advisor if they wish to take this course in preference to PHY221.


  • 3


  • GE3: NSCI
  • GE4: Natural Science Lecture
  • Liberal Arts
  • Systematic Inquiry


  • Must be enrolled in the following level: Undergraduate
  • May not be enrolled in the following field(s) of study (major, minor or concentration): Comm Disorders Cert Program (089)


  • ( Math Placement Level 6 or MAT251 Minimum Grade of C-) and PHY211 Minimum Grade of D-*

    * May be taken at the same time

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