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The Department of Chemistry at New Paltz offers both undergraduate and masters degree programs. Three undergraduate programs leading to liberal arts degrees are available: the general chemistry major, the American Chemical Society (ACS)-approved chemistry major, and the chemistry major with biochemistry emphasis.

A student who obtains an ACS-approved degree is eligible for employment as a chemist in industry or government. The ACS-approved program also prepares students for graduate study and for professional training in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. Course offerings allow chemistry majors to obtain a broad background in several areas of chemistry.

The biochemistry emphasis is designed for the student interested in biochemistry or health-related sciences requiring a substantial background in chemistry. This program provides excellent preparation for health professional training, as well as for graduate study in clinical chemistry, physiology, and medicinal chemistry. Students take core courses in chemistry and biology and complete the year-long biochemistry sequence.

The general chemistry major requires fewer advanced courses than the ACS approved program. However, students take, with advisement, the same core courses that provide theoretical and hands-on education in the major areas of chemistry. Students are able to combine a chemistry major with prelaw, business, or teaching programs. This degree with selected courses in biology can prepare students for medical school entrance requirements. Preparation for a non-laboratory career in chemistry could include management or marketing courses offered by the business program at New Paltz.

The American Chemical Society's Committee on Professional Training includes the New Paltz Chemistry Department on its list of approved departments. This is the equivalent to professional accreditation of the liberal arts curriculum. Prospective chemistry majors should consult with the department chair as soon as possible after admission to the College and should take MAT251 Calculus I and CHE201 & 211 General Chemistry I & Lab in the fall semester of their freshman year.

In addition to these programs, the Departments of Chemistry and Biology offer an interdisciplinary major in Biochemistry leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The curricular requirements for the Biochemistry major are linked below.

A minimum grade of C- is required to advance from CHE201 General Chemistry I to CHE202 General Chemistry II, from CHE202 General Chemistry II to CHE318 Organic Chemistry I, and from CHE318 Organic Chemistry I to CHE319 Organic Chemistry II. A minimum grade of C- in CHE319 Organic Chemistry II is required to enroll in BCM461 Biochemistry I.

Chemistry Program: