SOC312 Sociology of Violence

Sociology of Violence examines violence in our society including violence between families, between acquaintances, and between strangers. Through an examination of empirical research, theoretical writing and popular film, students will gain a better understanding of the extent and impact of violence, explore potential causes of violence, and examine their personal perspectives of why violence exists in our society. As a writing-intensive course it will also develop students' skills in critical thinking, writing, and speaking.A minimum grade of C- is required for any course to count toward the Sociology major or minor.


  • 3


  • Liberal Arts
  • Writing Intensive


  • May not be enrolled in the following class: Freshman


  • SOC100 Minimum Grade of D- and (ENG180 Minimum Grade of D- or ENG206 Minimum Grade of D- or ENG207 Minimum Grade of D-)

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