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Digital Media & Journalism

Phone: 845-257-3450
Location: Coykendall Science Building, Room 51
Web address: www.newpaltz.edu/digitalmediajournalism/

The Department of Digital Media & Journalism represents disciplines that combine methods from both the humanities and social sciences in the study of how people share and represent ideas through the mass media. Building upon a solid liberal-arts foundation, students in our programs develop theoretical and practical knowledge through challenging and engaging coursework and hands-on experiences that will support their intellectual and professional growth and prepare them for careers and graduate study.

The Department offers three academic majors, each leading to either the bachelor of arts (B.A.) or bachelor of science (B.S.) degree: Digital Media Production, Digital Media Programming & Management, and Journalism. We also offer a minor in Journalism and, in conjunction with the Department of Art History (School of Fine & Performing Arts), an interdisciplinary minor in Film & Video Studies.

The Digital Media Production program offers students an opportunity to develop cutting-edge professional skills that will prepare them to succeed in the growing and diverse field of digital media. Production majors learn the importance of engaging storytelling, solid research, and careful attention to ethical considerations; they likewise learn how technology allows them to communicate effectively. By utilizing writing and production skills in the classroom as well as in the surrounding community, students demonstrate their ability to use the latest tools of digital audio and video to create high-quality, marketable content for film and television.

Majors in Digital Media Programming & Management (known informally as "Media Management") prepare for management positions across the various media, including such areas as advertising, global media systems, law, research, and programming. Students develop the necessary knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical courses ranging from research and writing to business and managerial courses. The program ensures full exposure to new and emerging technologies and the business functions associated with them. For many, classroom study is put to the real-world test via internships with leading media companies.

The Journalism program at New Paltz is one of the most comprehensive in New York state. Courses range from practical news gathering for multi-media journalism and news writing to explorations of the history, law and literature of journalism. Students learn not only how to put together a news story in a variety of media platforms but the reasons why our society needs news and information. In addition to learning about writing and editing print stories, Journalism majors prepare for the realities of the workplace by composing, shooting, editing and producing their stories in our state-of-the-art computer facility. The major's core required courses build foundational skills in writing, reporting, editing, ethics and multimedia storytelling.

Students wishing to declare a major in any program of the Department of Digital Media & Journalism must have a 2.0 GPA. Journalism majors are required to complete ENG170 Writing & Rhetoric or equivalent before declaring. Students must earn a grade of C- or better in courses that count toward any major or minor in the Department of Digital Media & Journalism.

Digital Journalism & Media Programs: