ANT301 Human Evolution

This course is designed to introduce students to (1) the fundamentals of evolutionary theory and (2) the application of this framework for our understanding of human evolutionary history. The course will begin by introducing students to the theory of evolution, its historical background and its modern articulation by Charles Darwin. We will also explore modern modifications to Darwinian evolution. From here we will begin to explore the anatomical and phylogenetic context of human evolution by discussing the origin and evolution of primates. Then we will explore the origins of the first hominids and their place in the human family tree. Finally, we will discuss the origins of the genus Homo, the criteria used to differentiate these specimens and the emergence of the modern human suite of anatomical and behavioral characteristics.


  • 3


  • GE3: NSCI
  • Liberal Arts
  • Systematic Inquiry


  • May not be enrolled in the following class: Freshman

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