Undergraduate Catalog

Eight Semester Plan

This eight-semester plan (see important details) is intended to guide students through a four-year undergraduate career, with completion of an academic major and all college-wide degree requirements. The plan is designed as an advising tool – a starting point for careful discussions between students and their academic advisors. In consultation, a student and advisor will adjust the plan to accommodate the student’s prerequisite needs, transferred credits, and other such variables.

The plan below reflects General Education (GE4) requirements in effect as of Fall 2019. Students who matriculated prior to that date will find the previous plan associated with their majors here. For a summary of GE4 requirements, see New Paltz General Education Requirements.

Students are responsible for reviewing their Progress Reports each semester to track their own progress toward degree requirements.

Adolescence Ed: Earth Science

Year 1

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Gen Ed: Composition (COMP)3
EDI293 Education Seminar1
Gen Ed: Foreign Languages (FLNG)3
CHE201 General Chemistry I (Natural Science Lecture)3
CHE211 General Chemistry I Lab (Natural Science Lab)1
GLG201 Physical Geology (Natural Science Lecture)3
GLG211 Physical Geology Laboratory (Natural Science Lab)1
Gen Ed: Composition (COMP)3
Gen Ed: Foreign Languages (FLNG)3
CHE202 General Chemistry II (Natural Science Lecture)3
CHE212 General Chemistry II Lab (Natural Science Lab)1
GLG202 Historical Geology (Natural Science Lab, Natural Science Lecture)4

Year 2

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
MAT251 Calculus I (Mathematics)4
GLG311 Mineralogy and Crystallography4
PHY201 General Physics 1 (Natural Science Lecture)3
PHY211 Physics 1 Laboratory (Natural Science Lab)1
Gen Ed: Humanities (HUM)3
Gen Ed: Western Civilization (WEST)3
GLG305 Paleontology4
GLG314 Petrology4
EDS340 Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education (United States Studies)3
EDS372 Developing Adolescence (Social Science)3

Year 3

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
SED354 Foundations of Secondary Education Seminar1
GLG405 Structure and Tectonics4
One of the Physics courses by advisement - Note 14
GLG331 Stratigraphy-Sedimentation (WI)4
Gen Ed: The Arts (ART)3
SED453 Curriculum and Assessment in the Secondary School3
SED353 Field Work #11
EDS383 Introduction to Literacy for Diverse Learners3
SPE385 Differentiating Instruction in the Secondary School3
PHY205 Exploring the Solar Sys. OR PHY206 Exploring the Universe3
SED356 Teaching and Learning in the Digital Environment3

Year 4

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
SED374 Teaching Science in the Secondary School3
SED350 Fieldwork #21
GLG120 Weather and Environment (Natural Science Lab, Natural Science Lecture)4
One of the Geology courses by advisement - Note 23
Gen Ed: Diversity (DIVR)3
SED407 Fieldwork #31
SED405 Student Teaching Secondary 10-126
SED404 Student Teaching Secondary, 7-96
SED406 Student Teaching Seminar1


Note 1 - One of the following Physics lecture with lab by advisement:PHY202 General Physics 2 (NSCI), PHY212 General Physics 2 Lab, PHY222 Fundamental Physics II (NSCI), PHY232 Fundamental Physics 2 Lab

Note 2 - One of the following by advisement:GLG339 Natural Resources and Energy, GLG346 Environmental Impact Assessment

Note 3 - One of the following by advisement:GLG305 Paleontology, GLG407 Hydrogeology

Total Credits: 121