Undergraduate Catalog

Eight Semester Plan

This eight-semester plan (see important details) is intended to guide students through a four-year undergraduate career, with completion of an academic major and all college-wide degree requirements. The plan is designed as an advising tool – a starting point for careful discussions between students and their academic advisors. In consultation, a student and advisor will adjust the plan to accommodate the student’s prerequisite needs, transferred credits, and other such variables.

The plan below reflects General Education (GE4) requirements in effect as of Fall 2019. Students who matriculated prior to that date will find the previous plan associated with their majors here. For a summary of GE4 requirements, see New Paltz General Education Requirements.

Students are responsible for reviewing their Progress Reports each semester to track their own progress toward degree requirements.

Adolescence Ed: Biology

Year 1

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Gen Ed: Composition (COMP)3
BIO201 General Biology I (Natural Science Lecture)3
BIO211 Gen Bio 1 Lab (Natural Science Lab)1
MAT251 Calculus I (Mathematics)4
Gen Ed: Foreign Languages (FLNG)3
EDI293 Education Seminar1
Gen Ed: Humanities (HUM)3
Gen Ed: Composition (COMP)3
Gen Ed: Foreign Languages (FLNG)3
BIO202 General Biology II (Natural Science Lecture)3
BIO212 Gen Bio 2 Lab (Natural Science Lab)1
MAT252 Calculus II4

Year 2

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
EDS372 Developing Adolescence (Social Science)3
CHE201 General Chemistry I (Natural Science Lecture)3
CHE211 General Chemistry I Lab (Natural Science Lab)1
BIO320 Genetics3
Gen Ed: World Civilizations and Cultures (WRLD)3
Gen. Physics or Fund. Physics course with lab - see Note 14
Gen Ed: The Arts (ART)3
EDS340 Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education (United States Studies)3
CHE202 General Chemistry II (Natural Science Lecture)3
CHE212 General Chemistry II Lab (Natural Science Lab)1
MAT241 Introduction to Statistics (Mathematics)3
Gen. Physics or Fund. Physics course with lab - see Note 14

Year 3

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
EDS383 Introduction to Literacy for Diverse Learners3
SED354 Foundations of Secondary Education Seminar1
CHE318 Organic Chemistry I3
CHE306 Organic Chemistry I Lab1
Choose 2 courses from different content areas - Notes 3-56-8
SED453 Curriculum and Assessment in the Secondary School3
SED353 Field Work #11
SPE385 Differentiating Instruction in the Secondary School3
One course from Content Area not yet taken - Notes 3-53
Gen Ed: Western Civilization (WEST)3

Year 4

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
SED356 Teaching and Learning in the Digital Environment3
SED374 Teaching Science in the Secondary School3
SED350 Fieldwork #21
Upper-level Biology elective (WI)3-4
One course from Content Area not yet taken - Note 63
Gen Ed: Diversity (DIVR)3
SED407 Fieldwork #31
SED405 Student Teaching Secondary 10-126
SED406 Student Teaching Seminar1
SED404 Student Teaching Secondary, 7-96


Choose PHY221 and PHY231 or PHY201 and PHY211.PHY201 General Physics 1 (NSCI), PHY211 Physics 1 Laboratory, PHY221 Fundamental Physics 1 (NSCI), PHY231 Fundamental Physics 1 Lab

Choose PHY222 and PHY232 or PHY202 and PHY212.PHY202 General Physics 2 (NSCI), PHY212 General Physics 2 Lab, PHY222 Fundamental Physics II (NSCI), PHY232 Fundamental Physics 2 Lab

CONTENT AREA - Environmental Biology:BIO301 Field Biology Fall, BIO302 Field Biology Spring, BIO303 Field Biology Summer, BIO340 Ecology, BIO440 Freshwater Biology

CONTENT AREA - Evolution and Diversity of Life:BIO305 Plant Morphology, BIO307 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, BIO335 Entomology, BIO350 General Microbiology, BIO412 Evolutionary Theory, BIO417 Animal Physiology, BIO418 Animal Behavior

CONTENT AREA - Architecture of Life:BCM360 Protein Structure and Function, BIO308 Basic Molecular Biology, BIO309 Basic Cell Biology, BIO311 Developmental Plant Anatomy, BIO313 Developmental Biology, CHE461 Biochemistry I

Choose one course from a Content Area not yet taken (3-4 credits): Environmental Biology, Evolution and Diversity of Life, Architecture of Life

Total Credits: 123-126