EED377 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School

Procedures and materials for effective teaching of mathematics in early childhood and elementary grades.


  • 3


  • Must be enrolled in the following level: Undergraduate
  • Must be enrolled in one of the following field(s) of study (major, minor or concentration): Art History 1-6 (630A), Art History B-2 (599A), Biology 1-6 (630B), Biology B-2 (599B), Black Studies 1-6 (630L), Black Studies B-2 (599L), Childhood Education 1-6 (630), Childhood Education B-2 (599), Earth Science 1-6 (630R), Earth Science B-2 (599R), English 1-6 (630E), English B-2 (599E), French 1-6 (630F), French B-2 (599F), Geography 1-6 (630G), Geography B-2 (599G), Mathematics 1-6 (630M), Mathematics B-2 (599M), Political Science 1-6 (630P), Political Science B-2 (599P), Social Studies - History B-2 (599H), Social Studies-History 1-6 (630H), Spanish 1-6 (630S), Spanish B-6 (599S)
  • May not be enrolled in the following class: Freshman


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