BUS341 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Introduction to basic financial concepts and their application to business enterprises. Topics include financial analysis and forecasting, time-value of money, risk and return, security valuation, and capital budgeting techniques.Students must earn a C+ or better in BUS341 to advance to BUS441, BUS443, BUS445, BUS447, and BUS459.


  • 3


  • Must be enrolled in the following level: Undergraduate
  • Must be enrolled in one of the following field(s) of study (major, minor or concentration): Accounting (542), Business (BUS), Business Analytics (531), Finance (543), General Business (547), General Business - ITU (547U), General Business - Izmir (547I), International Business (546), Management (544), Marketing (545), Pre-MBA (0MBA), Undeclared:Business (000B), Undeclared:Pre-Accounting (00AC), Undeclared:Pre-Bus Analytics (00BN), Undeclared:Pre-Finance (00FI), Undeclared:Pre-Gen Business (00GB), Undeclared:Pre-Interntnl Bus (00IB), Undeclared:Pre-Management (00MG), Undeclared:Pre-Marketing (00MK)
  • May not be enrolled in the following class: Freshman


  • BUS201 Minimum Grade of C- and (BUS095 Minimum Grade of S or BUS215 Minimum Grade of C-) and BUS309 Minimum Grade of C- and ECO206 Minimum Grade of C- and ECO207 Minimum Grade of C- and ( Math Placement Level 5 or MAT171 Minimum Grade of C- or MAT181 Minimum Grade of C-)

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