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Undergraduate Catalog

Business: 4+1 BS - MBA Program

Students interested in business beyond their Bachelor's degree can greatly enhance their career opportunities by earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.  Our MBA curriculum integrates a global perspective across disciplines and a unique learning environment for students to develop effective leadership skills to compete in today's rapidly evolving global environment.  Normally it would take at least two years after the undergraduate degree to earn an MBA, but with diligence and careful planning, this can be achieved earlier.  In just a five year period, students can satisfy the requirements for both the Bachelor degree and the MBA degree.  This can be accomplished by finishing the Bachelor's degree in 4 years and the completing the 36 credit requirement for the MBA in 1 year including the summer.

Throughout the 4 years of undergraduate work, each student will be required to fulfill 21 credits of MBA foundation courses, which also simultaneously fulfill the Bachelor degree requirements.  The student can spend their final year as an undergraduate taking several MBA courses and then conclude the program after the fifth year of taking MBA courses.  During the student's last undergraduate semester, he/she can submit an application package for admission into the MBA program.  Please find the MBA program handbook and the application on-line at http://mba.newpaltz.edu


4+1 Program BS-MBA Plans: