Travel Process

 If the trip cost is less than $200 and a day trip, only a travel voucher is required with an appropriate account number and authorized signature provided.  If no pre-payments are requested then trip encumbrance is not required.  The traveler must submit purpose of trip, necessary receipts, and any other pertinent documentation with the voucher and forward directly to Accounts Payable.
If the trip cost is $200.01 or greater, is out-of-state travel, or requests any pre-payments, a travel requisition form is required to be submitted to Purchasing prior to traveling in order to encumber the funds first and for review to insure compliance with travel regulations.

Out-of-state travel needs approval from the Vice President for Administration and Finance or his/her designee.  Once the travel requisition is submitted to Purchasing, Purchasing staff will secure the out-of-state approval to save the traveler time.