Student Travel

When student travel is requested to be paid by State/IFR/SUTRA funds, travel must be for the benefit of the state. All student travel must also be approved by the Director of Accounting Services or Assistant Vice President of Finance after the travel requisition is submitted to Purchasing.

To document the appropriateness of the reimbursement, justification should come with the travel requisition to include the purpose/program, the amount of the award, and what specific student funded account will be used.  For example, a student working with a faculty member on a research project or presenting a paper would be a qualifying travel expense.  The student is responsible for submitting their voucher with receipts for reimbursement and proper account signatures when the trip is complete.

Travel advances and pre-payments are not allowed to individual students that travel.  When a group trip involves lodging, registration, or transportation, it can be paid by submitting a Purchase Requisition by the faculty/staff member that is accompanying the students on the trip.  If the student cancels the travel after prepayment is made for their convenience, he/she could be held responsible for expenses if cause is not justifiable.