Interviewee Travel

Travel reimbursement for candidates is permitted for NYS residents, residing more than 50 miles from campus, and all non-residents of New York State.  The cost of lodging and meals for the candidate will be reimbursed based on GSA per diem rates.  No additional cost will be reimbursed to the candidate for a guest’s lodging or meals. The candidate should use the most efficient and cost effective method of transportation available. Often times, this means using a common carrier such as a train, bus, taxicab or airplane.  No incidentals are covered and no pre-payments of travel are allowed. 

A Travel Requisition 2021/2022 and Travel Expense Report are required for an interviewee reimbursement (where appropriate a statement of automobile travel form). The department personnel will provide required forms and book lodging reservations within state per diem in the local area.  After the search committee’s department completes the paperwork with interviewee signatures and original receipts attached to the travel voucher, all paperwork is then sent in a timely manner to the Provost’s office (for approved faculty searches) for account approval or to the designated authorized account approval in your division, and then forward to Purchasing.  The “purpose of travel” on the requisition will include the search number and department name.  Original receipts are required for reimbursement, including method of payment.

The Campus does not allow for reimbursement of the employees’ meal costs associated with interviewing potential candidates, as the employees are not considered to be in travel status.  An alternate source of funding for employee meals with candidates may be available from your division or the Provost’s office.  However, costs such as travel to and from the airport to pick up a candidate may be reimbursedFor more information regarding interviewee travel of approved faculty searches contact the Provost’s office at extension 3277. All other interview travel questions contact Purchasing at extension 3191.