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TerminalFour Training

Unit 6: Advanced Interface

The unit will show you advanced actions on the Terminal Four interface.


Updating A Full Static Image To Your Home Page
If you would like to update the image across the top of your home page, select “Home Media” on your Site Structure. From the tabs on top of the screen, click “Content”, you will see the current home image. Select “Clear selection” before selecting “Select media”, where you will be prompted to browse within your Media Library or select “Add media” to upload an image from your computer. Once selected, click “Save changes”.

Inserting Social Media Links To Your Home Page
You may insert social media links by selecting “Social Media Icons” on your Site Structure. Select the “Content” tab, then click on “Social Media Links”. Simply fill in the URLs to your social media outlets.

Changing From Image To Slideshow & Vice Versa
You may have a “Home Image” or “Home Slideshow” but never both at the same time. Therefore, to switch from one to another, you must first delete the existing content in “Home Media”. After the existing content has been marked for deletion, you may create a new piece of content by clicking “Create new content” and selecting one of the two types available.

History Button 
T4 allows you to view past versions of your pages. You can compare any previously published pages, including those you have saved either as a draft or sent to be approved for publishing.

Once you have selected the page you wish to edit, or compare, you will see a tab labeled “History” on the top of your screen. Once you select this tab, there will be a list of all revisions.  Select the box of the versions you would like to compare, and then click on “Compare selected”. This will take you to a screen that shows a side by side of the versions you selected to compare. To exit to the previous screen, select “Back”.

Reverting a File 

Every time you publish a page, T4 creates a copy, a version that is stored and can be accessed later. You may revert a file by entering the “History” tab, as explained earlier. Once you find the version you would like to revert back to, select “Make Current” form the drop down “Action” button. You will be prompted to confirm or cancel your request. You can tell which version is live by the green circle next to the version name.




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