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TerminalFour Training

Unit 3: Basic Editing

This unit will introduce you to editing your site. You will learn how to access the page you wish to edit, and what you should be seeing in the Direct Edit WYSIWYG editor and toolbar. We are also going to take you through the publishing process here at SUNY New Paltz.

Once logged into T4, you can find the page you would like to edit under “Edit Content” sub tab under “Content” tab.

Select the page you wish to edit. You can edit the name and header of the page, as well as main text. As you edit these fields you will see how many characters you can use. When editing main text you will see the editing toolbar. The toolbar has a variety of functions, each of them performing an action, either directly to the page, or to the selected text or graphic. We will be discussing most of the toolbar functions in detail as we advance.

Basic Editing Tips

  • Pressing <Shift> and <Enter> together (for both PC and Mac) will move your cursor down one single line. Just hitting <Enter> will start a new paragraph, skipping multiple lines.
  • Using the Space Bar to alter the spacing on the page is not a T4 best practice. You are only to use the Space Bar in-between words and sentences, as you would when typing a document. Instead, a table should be used to format content (this will be further discussed in Unit 3).
  • Use Bullet Points and Numbered Lists for clean formatting and easy reading.

You may preview your pages by clicking on “Preview”. Previewing your page will take you to Direct Edit, the WYSIWYG interface. WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get”. This interface is a user-friendly system that allows users to edit as though they are editing a word processor.

The Publishing Process 

Once you have finished editing the page, select “Save changes.” If you are not finished editing your page, select "Save as Draft" by hitting the arrow next to "Save changes" and selecting "Save as draft" from the dropdown menu. After the page is saved, you can choose to edit the page further, or view your changes. 

After selecting "Save changes," your page is automatically sent to the approval queue to be published, and the file is not yet visible to the public. Once the page is sent for approval, changes will be reviewed as expeditiously as possible by the SUNY New Paltz Office of Communication & Marketing to be published.