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TerminalFour Training



Here at SUNY New Paltz, we use the TerminalFour (T4) web content management system (CMS). This puts the power of editing content on our college’s webpage in the hands of our authorized users. In order to become an authorized user for your department or program, you must complete this online training program.

We have broken the training into six separate units, each a building block for the upcoming units, with a brief accumulative test at the end. The first unit will familiarize you with the T4 interface. We will show you how to move around the website, and what you will see when clicking the various buttons and tabs.

The second unit is for basic editing. You will learn how to access the page you wish to edit, explain what WYSIWYG stands for, as well as go through the publishing process here at SUNY New Paltz.

Unit number three is geared towards advanced editing. After this unit you will be able to utilize more of the editing toolbar, creating tables, creating links, changing the style and format of your webpage, and cutting and pasting.

In the fourth unit you will learn how to upload and add images and PDF files.

The fifth unit will show you advanced actions on the interface, as well as comparing versions of the current site, reverting to previous versions, and analyzing Google Analytics.

The last unit will further explain how the site is structured. 

New T4 users should complete this training program in sequence as well as complete the access request form at the end to ensure you’ve learned how to successfully utilize the software. If you are an existing user, and you feel confident in the beginning building blocks, feel free to jump around, but keep in mind you will also be tested on the material covered in all six units.

Additional References: 

SUNY New Paltz Style Guide

SUNY New Paltz Editorial Standards