Take Flight at SUNY New Paltz



Welcome to SUNY New Paltz! We are excited to welcome you to campus next semester. This new student checklist is meant to help guide you through the process of officially becoming a Hawk!  

First-Year EOP Students

❶ Activate and Access your New Paltz email

  Activate your New Paltz email address. A one-time activation email will be sent to your personal email address within 24 hours of when your commitment letter has been submitted.

 After activation, access your college email account one of four ways.

  • Go to outlook.newpaltz.edu
  • Go to newpaltz.edu; click on the Resources on the top right and select Office 365.
  • Log on to my.newpaltz.edu and click Office 365 at the top right.
  • Download the free Microsoft Outlook app on iPhone or Android and follow these instructions to access your email on your mobile device. 

Click here for more information about getting started with your New Paltz email. 

*All information regarding Financial Aid and Academic Advising will be sent to your New Paltz email address only. Please ensure that you check it regularly. Email regarding orientation or the Summer Bridge Program (EOP students) and finalizing your admission process will continue to be sent to your personal email address.

For questions please contact the IT service desk at  servicedesk@newpaltz.edu or (845) 257-4357. 

❷ Sign up for the Bridge Program

Winter Bridge for spring 2024 admits

  Sign up for the Winter Bridge Program Admission Status Portal

Please note that this tab only appears after a commitment letter has been completed.

EOP students enrolling in the University for the spring of 2024 semester will participate in a Winter Bridge program. Details regarding the Winter Bridge program will be sent directly to you by email prior to submitting your commitment letter. 


Summer Bridge for fall 2024 admits

  Learn more about the Summer Bridge Program 

The program will run from July 5 - August 2. Summer Bridge participants will also participate in Orientation session during the summer. 

  Sign up for the Summer Bridge Program in your Admission Status Portal

Please note that this tab only appears after a commitment letter has been completed.

After you sign up for the Summer Bridge Program you will be asked to 

  • Read and sign the EOP Summer Contract with your parent or guardian 
  • Submit the Summer Housing Contract
  • Submit the Summer Emergency Card
    Submit the Parent Waiver to participate in off campus activities.  

Keep an eye on your New Paltz email for links to complete these forms. 

 Order your Student ID Card at least one week prior to the start of the Summer Bridge Program.
Please note that it will take 2-4 days from when you sign up for orientation before you will be able to create your Student ID account and order your ID card. Thank you for your patience. 

 For questions regarding your student ID card please call (845) 257-3034.  

❸ Course Registration

 Take the New Student Survey. This can be found in the Academic Advising Tab in the Admission Status Portal.

 Advising and course registration will be completed with an advisor during the Summer Bridge Program. 

 Visit the Disability Resource Center’s website for more information about academic and other accommodations. 

❹ Take the ALEKS PPL Mathematics Assessment

 Take the ALEKS mathematics assessment to ensure you receive an accurate course placement during course selection. This assessment MUST be taken without the use of a calculator to ensure proper placement. Please complete the assessment prior to your advising meeting. Completion of this placement assessment is especially important for proper course selection within our Business and STEM majors

Access the ALEKS PPL through your my.newpaltz.edu account.

Access will be available beginning:  

Spring 2024 admits - November  1, 2023
Fall 2024 admits - April 1, 2024 

For questions please contact Rachel Lilley at lilleyr@newpaltz.edu 

❺ Submit your Final Transcripts

  Submit your Final Transcripts

Final high school transcripts 

  • All transcripts must be officially sent directly from the high school and are used to demonstrate proof of graduation from high school.

College transcripts and AP, IB and college-level course work earned in high school (if applicable)

  • All college transcripts with final grades must be sent officially from the college
  • All AP, IB, and college courses taken while in high school must be sent officially from the testing agency or college where the courses were taken

Official transcripts may be sent electronically by the high school or college via email to admissions@newpaltz.edu 

Official transcripts may be mailed to:

State University of New York at New Paltz
Office of Undergraduate Admission
100 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561

For questions please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at admissions@newpaltz.edu or (845) 257-3200. 

❻ Submit your Immunization and Health records

 Visit the Student Health Service website for more information on required immunizations for enrollment at SUNY New Paltz. 

 Submit your immunization records on my.newpaltz.edu (Required)

  Submit the Student Health Report  on my.newpaltz.edu (Recommended) 

For questions please contact Student Health Service at (845) 257-3400. 

❼ Initiate Your Campus Housing Process (if applicable)

Spring 2024 admits

  Submit a Residence Hall License on my.newpaltz.edu. Please email the Office of Residence Life at reslife@newpaltz.edu to express your interest in on-campus housing and request the instructions for submitting the license.

  Submit a Housing Request Survey. In addition to the instructions for submitting the license, the Office of Residence Life will also email you a link to submit the Housing Request Survey. The Residence Hall License must be submitted before the Housing Request Survey.

Fall 2024 admits 

  Submit a Residence Hall License on my.newpaltz.eduInstructions for submitting the license will be sent to your New Paltz email address on June 1st.  The Residence Hall License must be submitted prior to attending the Summer Bridge Program. 

  Submit a Roommate Matching Survey on my.newpaltz.edu.  Instructions for submitting the Roommate Matching Survey will be sent to your New Paltz email address on July 5th.  The Roommate Matching Survey must be completed by July 25th.

For questions please contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@newpaltz.edu or (845) 257-4444.

❽ Complete the Financial Aid Process (if applicable)

  View the Financial Aid Checklist

For questions please contact Student Financial Services at fao@newpaltz.edu or (845) 257-3250. 

❾ View and pay your bill in my.newpaltz.edu 

  Your bill will be generated AFTER course registration and can be found on my.newpaltz.edu. You will be notified by email when it is ready to view.  

General information on tuition, fees, payment plans, as well as billing information, can be found by visiting the Student Accounts website

For questions please contact the Office of Student Accounts at stuacct@newpaltz.edu or (845)257-3150. 

❿ Connect with the Office of Veteran and Military Services  (if applicable)

  Learn more about services and financial support for Veteran and Military Service Members and Dependents

For questions please contact the Office of Veteran & Military Services at ovms@newpaltz.edu or (845)257-6867. 

 Explore our Enrichment Programs

  Make the most out of your SUNY New Paltz Experience. Learn more about some of our Enrichment Programs

    • AC² (AMP & CSTEP Community) provides academic support and professional development opportunities for students from historically underrepresented groups and low-income backgrounds in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) majors.  Learn More... 

    • The Honors Program provides students who are passionate about their learning an environment that allows them to interact with highly motivated students and faculty from all majors. The program gives students a community as well as a support system to help them feel comfortable to explore their interests. Learn More....

    • Living and Learning Communities at New Paltz are a collection of themed housing options for both first-year and returning students.  Learn More...