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Zero Net Carbon Webinars and Presentations

Module 1: Overview of Net Zero Carbon/Passive House Concepts, Techniques and Benefits

Link to the presentation: http://bit.ly/32aH7Ah

Link to the webinar: http://bit.ly/39LWVf6


Module 2: Deep Dive into Construction Methods and High-Performance Products and Details

Link to the presentation: http://bit.ly/2VDBOYX

Link to the webinar: http://bit.ly/3886IuS


Module 3: Deep Dive into Air Barrier Development & Implementation

Link to the presentation: http://bit.ly/2Q7Tjg4

Link to the webinar: http://bit.ly/2wNysrM


Module 4: Net Zero HVAC Strategies and Controls + Domestic Hot Water

Link to the presentation: https://bit.ly/2vSHDqS

Link to the webinar: https://bit.ly/3akXPQH

Answers to questions: https://bit.ly/3brzjxc