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About Steven Winter Associates


Founded in 1972, Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) provides research, consulting, training, outreach and other services aimed at improving buildings and communities. SWA works closely with architects, developers, builders, as well as local, state, and federal agencies to develop and apply sustainable, whole building strategies in many types of buildings. Our grasp of building performance and energy engineering has been recognized by several entities, including the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, DOE’s Housing Innovation Awards (11 times), and EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Leader Award (each of the past five years). Using a wide range of modeling tools, field tests, and in-depth monitoring methods, SWA has evaluated dozens of technologies, construction strategies, and building O&M procedures under real-world conditions. SWA also provides installation oversight, start-up, commissioning, training, hand-off documentation, and ongoing performance verification of many building systems. SWA prides itself in its research and hands-on process, enabling the firm to learn from doing. Our staff of over 100 professionals, with offices in New York City (our largest office), Norwalk, CT (our headquarters), and Washington, DC provide a strong presence throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.