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Sustainable Food and Beverages

Sustainable Food and Beverages

In February of 2016, Campus Auxiliary Services and the Office of Campus Sustainability partnered to form the Sustainable Food Committee.  The committee includes college, CAS, and dining services staff and student representatives.  The first objective of the committee was to draft a definition of “sustainable food” for the campus.  On April 15, 2016, the Sustainable Food Committee adopted a  Working Definition of Sustainable Food.

The Office of Campus Sustainability conducted an assessment of sustainable food and beverage procurement in 2015-16 and the fall of 2016.  Using our campus’ definition of sustainable food and beverages, the campus had a 6.4% rate of sustainable food and beverage procurement in 2015-16 and a 7.4% rate of sustainable food and beverage procurement in the fall of 2016.  To request a copy of these assessments, email

Highlights include:

  • Over $40,000 in sales of organic, local and/or fair trade coffee, tea, apple cider, Honest Tea, Yerba Mate.
  • Local, grassfed beef served in Element 93
  • Local apples served every fall
  • New organic snack offerings at Starbucks at Parker Theater
  • All milk and dairy products sourced from local NYS dairies via Byrne Dairy
  • Nearly $30,000 of locally grown fruits and vegetables in the fall of 2016
  • Introduction of Amy’s Kitchen frozen foods in the fall of 2016
  • Increase in sales of Fair Trade Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  • Introduction of Red’s Best fish in the spring of 2017
  • Introduction of local/organic vegan food line called Midge & Me