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Sojourner Truth Library

Sojourner Truth Library

The Sojourner Truth Library Renovation Project includes the following LEED-inspired features in renovated areas of the building:

  • New perimeter insulation to tighten the building envelope to reduce the amount of conditioned air that permeates through the wall.  At an earlier stage of the renovation project, the roof was replaced with a better insulating roof.
  • Replacement of existing windows on the main floor with new window units that have a higher R-value.
  • Daylight harvesting at the west facade of the building.  New insulated glazed walls take advantage of daylight and views on both the main floor and concourse floors
  • New lighting enhancements including more energy efficient lighting (including florescents and LEDs), electronic time switches to turn off lighting, and lighting occupancy sensors, including dual ballasts allowing two-level lighting.
  • New lighting occupancy sensors on the main floor so that lights shut off when spaces are unoccupied.
  • Upgrades to more efficient perimeter heating units
  • Upgrades to bathrooms, including low-flow sinks and toilets
  • Improvements to existing heating and cooling system to better control air flow and temperature to renovated spaces
  • Upgrade of the main entry vestibule to alleviate drafts and reduce the amount of conditioned air lost when people enter and exit the building
  • Reuse of existing periodical shelving
  • Low-VOC paint
  • Recycling of retired metal shelving, construction demolition materials were possible, and scraps from new construction materials.

The library renovation project is a partial, not full, building renovation, so the project does not qualify for the LEED New Construction program.