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Shawangunk Hall – LEED Gold

Shawangunk Hall – LEED Gold

Many different factors contributed to the LEED Gold rating, including:

  • Water Conservation: low flow faucets and shower heads, and dual-flush toilets
  • High Performance Building Envelope: double-paned windows (from a prior building upgrade project), reflective roof, high performance thermal envelope, and air-lock entry vestibule
  • Energy Conservation: heat wheel to conserve thermal energy during the heating season while maintaining air quality and a heat exchanger
  • Lighting: approximately 95% of light fixtures are LEDs
  • Green Building Materials:
    • Building reuse: 95% of existing structural elements including walls, floors, and roofs have been reused.  A minimum of 55% of all structural elements will be reused.
    • Over 95% of construction waste was recycled
    • A significant percentage of building materials were acquired from the region
    • A significant percentage of building materials were made from recycled content
  • Low-Emitting Materials: 
    • Low-emitting paints and coatings
    • Low-emitting flooring system
  • Alternative Transportation: 
    • Lefevre Hall has easy access to public transportation, including two bus lines within one quarter mile walking distance of the project site
    • Outdoor covered bike storage
    • Designated parking spots for low emission and fuel efficient vehicles
  • Brownfield Remediation: the building was abated for asbestos
  • Community Connectivity: the building is located within one half mile of a minimum of ten basic community services such as the Student Health Center, dining locations, the campus bookstore, a bank, the mailroom, etc.

Click here to download the Final LEED Credit Checklist for Shawangunk Hall.

Designer: Architecture+
Construction Contractor: MLB Construction Services, Inc.