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Take a Sustainability Course in Spring 2020

Interested in sustainability and the environment?  Check out these courses being offered in the Spring of 2020!

Courses in bold still have open seats as of December 24, 2019.

BIO120 Global Change Biology with Eric Keeling (Natural Science GE Course) - An investigation of global environmental change from a biological and ecological perspective with a primary focus on human ecology, the global carbon cycle, climate change, and environmental sustainability.

BIO112 Biology Today with Mike Boms (Natural Science GE Course) - Designed to introduce students to selected aspects of biology science. By augmenting their understanding of biological concepts, students develop a deeper appreciation of the natural biological phenomena they are in contact with on a daily basis. In addition, students gain the working background necessary to understand contemporary biological issues such as environmental quality (population, pollution, global climate change), the human genome project, genetic engineering, and discoveries in medicine. When individuals become more biologically literate, they are also better equipped to make informed decisions that directly and indirectly impact their own lives.

BUS324 Introduction to Managing Sustainability with Michael Sheridan - Focuses on the environmental, social, and economic impacts of firms’ activities. Readings, case analysis, and classroom activities are used to show how businesses develop and implement strategies to simultaneously promote sustainability and improve the competitive position of the firm.

BUS424 Social Entrepreneurship with Mike Caslin - Covers major opportunities and challenges facing social entrepreneurs and their ventures, including how to imagine and evaluate desired social change.

CHE100 Environmental Chemistry with Matthew Pilek (Natural Science GE Course) - Principles of chemistry behind the effects of such environmental problems as acid rain, ozone layer depletion, atmospheric and aquatic pollution, global warming. Evaluation of experimental data leading scientists to current conclusions regarding these environmental issues.

COM393 Environmental Communication with Kathleen Hunt - This course is designed to explore 20th century U.S. environmental advocacy and activism, surveying environmental issues, and analyzing the practices with which stakeholders attempt to influence environmental behavior and shape policy outcomes.

EGG250 Energy and the Environment with Ghader Eftekhari (Natural Science GE Course) - Energy fundamentals, fossil based (coal, oil and gas), nuclear and renewable energy sources (such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, tidal and ocean thermal). Heat engines, use of energy in transportation, energy conservation and effect of energy consumption in the environment (locally and globally) are studied.

ECO405 International Energy Economics with Simin Mozayeni - Global and U.S. market forces affecting supply and demand of energy. Current thinking on energy economic, regulations of energy market, oil, gas, electricity, coal, alternative sources of energy and environmental issues. These subjects link actual markets with Economic models of the firm and industry.

GEO203 People-Environments Geography (Social Science GE Course) - Ecosystem and social processes involved in people-environment relations in different places and times, emphasizing social justice. Natural and social science approaches to understand the causes and consequences of human-induced environmental degradation so as to formulate solutions.

GEO333 Advanced People-Environments Geography with Salvatore Engel-Dimauro - Advanced level study of ecosystem and social processes involved in people-environment relations, emphasizing social justice. Theories and methods to understand causes and consequences of human-induced environmental degradation so as to formulate solutions. Field trip (s) may be required. Completion of introductory course and/or other coursework in ecology, earth science, or environmental science highly recommended.

HIS393 Environmental History of Latin America with Christopher Albi - The history of human interaction with the natural world in what is now Latin America, from the Ice Age to the present day. Drawing upon insights from a variety of fields, including geography, biology, botany, economics, anthropology, we will cover the ecological impact of Ice Age hunters to the transformation of the natural world caused by European colonialism to the modern emergence of environmental consciousness in countries such as Mexico and Brazil.

POL370 United Nations Semester with Ilgu Ozler - An intensive examination of the United Nations that involves regular lectures on campus and weekly briefings at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. A total of ten trips to the United Nations are scheduled during the course of the semester.  The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are incorporated throughout the course.

SOC493 Social Movements, the Market, and the Environment co-taught with Brian Obach and Michael Sheridan - This course will consider the role that markets and social movements play in relation to environmental sustainability, with a particular focus on agriculture.