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Find an Upper Division Sustainability Course


  • BIO340 Ecology
  • BUS324 Introduction to Managing Sustainability
  • EGS370 Environmental Geochemical Science
  • GEO406 Natural Resources Utilization and Management
  • POL311 American Environmental Politics
  • SOC317 Environmental Sociology
  • DMJ215 Digital Storytelling with Brett Barry

Upper Division Courses that include Sustainability Content

  • ANT481 Transcultural Health
  • BUS424 Social Entrepreneurship
  • BUS450 Strategic Management with Michael Sheridan
  • POL227 Introduction to International Politics with Jonathan Schwartz
  • EDS371 Child Psychology and Development with Andrea Noel
  • EDD370 Education of Diverse Populations in Early Childhood and Elementary School with Lizabeth Cain
  • EDS340 Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education with Kate McCoy
  • SOC493 Sociology of Food and Agriculture with Brian Obach
  • ARS493 Data Visualization
  • MAT493 Applied Dynamical Systems
  • GEO480 Internship in Geography
  • DJM320 Audio Production with Brett Barry
  • EGE350 Electric Energy Systems with Hassan Kalhor
  • WOM340 Transnational Feminism

Graduate Sustainability Courses

  • BUS563 Strategic Sustainability Management

Graduate Courses that include Sustainability Content

  • BUS526 Managing in a Global Environment with Xiaoyu Pu
  • EED707 Workshop in Teaching Math and Technology with Nataly Chesky