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Explore Sustainability Majors & Minors

Listed below are “sustainability majors,” “majors that include sustainability." The Environmental Studies Minor can be added to any major, and some examples are given below.

Sustainability Majors and Minors

Majors that Include Sustainability

Add a Environmental Studies Minor to Any Major
Consider adding an environmental studies minor to any major!  Listed below each combo major + environmental studies minor are sustainability courses or courses that include sustainability that are offered by each major.  Courses listed below in normal text are courses that include sustainability content.  Sustainability courses are listed in italics.

  • Political Science + Environmental Studies Minor
    • POL227 Introduction to International Politics with Jonathan Schwartz
    • POL311 American Environmental Politics with Daniel Lipson
    • POL347 Politics of Environment and Development
  • Economics + Environmental Studies Minor
    • ECO130 Economics of Globalization with Edith Kuiper and Sara Hsu
    • ECO304 Public Finance with Simin Mozayeni
    • ECO405 Economics of Energy with Simin Mozayeni
  • Sociology + Environmental Studies Minor
    • SOC317 Environmental Sociology with Brian Obach
    • SOC380 Social and Economic Development
    • SOC493 Sociology of Food and Agriculture with Brian Obach
    • SOC493 Globalization