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Meet Sustainability Faculty

Meet Sustainability Faculty

The following faculty members have sustainability interests and/or teach academic courses that are focused on, inclusive of, and/or supportive of sustainability:

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Christopher Albi – History
Huicheng Chien – Geography
Bridget Corso – English
Ann DeWitt – English Composition
David Elstein – Philosophy and Asian Studies
Salvatore Engel Di Mauro ❧ – Geography
Andrew Higgins – English
Will Hong – Digital Media ❉
Sara Hsu – Economics
Peter Kaufman – Sociology
Edith Kuiper – Economics
Larry McGlinn ❧ – Geography and Environmental Studies
Simin Mozayeni – Economics
Matt Newcomb – English
Daniel Lipson ❉ ❧ – Political Science
Brian Obach ❉ ❧ – Sociology
kt Tobin ❉ – Sociology/CRREO
Jonathan Schwartz ❧ – Political Science and Asian Studies
Irwin Sperber – Sociology
Jeanne Stauffer – Merle – English
Roberto Velez-Velez – Sociology and Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Karla Vermeulen – Psychology and Disaster Studies
Vicki Tromanhauser – English

School of Business

Michael Sheridan – Management

School of Education

Kate McCoy – Educational Studies
Rosemary Millham ❉ – Secondary Education

School of Fine and Performing Arts

Andrea Frank ❉ – Photography
Matthew Friday – Graduate Studies
Anne Galperin – Graphic Design
Amy Papaelias – Graphic Design
Jill Parisi ❉ – Printmaking
Emily Puthoff – Sculpture
Tom Sarrantonio – Art

School of Science and Engineering

Shafiul Chowdhury ❧ – Geology
Jannett Dinsmore – Biology
Megan Ferguson – Chemistry
Aaron Haselton – Biology
Eric Keeling – Biology
John Rayburn – Geology
Jeff Reinking – Biology
David Richardson ❉ – Biology
Kevin Shanley – Mechanical Engineering
Pamela St. John – Chemistry

❉ Denotes a faculty member who is a current or former member of the Sustainability Committee.
❧ Denotes a faculty member who teaches a course that qualifies for the environmental studies minor.

If you are a faculty member that is interested in sustainability or teaches academic courses that are focused on, inclusive of, or supportive of sustainability and are not on this list, please introduce yourself to Lisa Mitten of the Office of Campus Sustainability by emailing her at mittenl@newpaltz.edu