Live in the Sustainability Living Learning Communi

The Sustainability Living Learning Community offers students the opportunity to live with other students who share a common interest in environmental issues.

Students in the Sustainability LLC all live on the same floor of Esopus Hall and engage in a number of environmentally-themed activities.  This unique arrangement provides all of the advantages of living on campus, while forming close relationships with students who want to broaden their understanding of our world and explore how we can live in harmony with the natural environment.  Together, with faculty and staff support, students participate in environmental programming, including films, speakers, and field trips.  Students have the opportunity to actively engage in community projects and campus sustainability initiatives.  Students accepted into the Sustainability Living Learning Community will earn one credit per semester for their participation.  While the Sustainability LLC is open to students in any major or minor, this credit can be applied in fulfillment of the requirements for the Environmental Studies Minor.

Why a Living Learning Community?

Learning does not only take place in the classroom.  Much of what you learn during your college years occurs outside of class among the friends and peers with whom you live.  Living-learning communities provide focus by bringing together students with a shared interest in a particular area with guidance and support from faculty and staff with expertise on that subject.

Why a Sustainability Living Learning Community?

To Learn
The world is facing a number of pressing environmental problems.  From climate change to species extinction to toxic contamination, life on this planet is being altered in ways that will create increasing challenges for humankind.  The Sustainability Living Learning Community is designed for those who want to learn about and explore how our lifestyles can be modified to better protect the natural environment.

To Lead
The world is in need of people capable of leading others to bring about the changes necessary to ensure human survival and wellbeing.  The knowledge and skills developed in the Sustainability LLC will help prepare participants to be leaders as we set a course for our green future.

What Does It Actually Involve?

Much of the activity associated with being a part of the Sustainability Living Learning Community is up to the participants themselves.  Dedicated faculty and staff will assist students in identifying topics to explore.  Organized activities scheduled every two to three weeks may include things like watching and discussing environmentally-themed documentaries, going on field trips to local sites of ecological interest, or hosting talks in the residence hall by experts in relevant topics.  This is in addition to informal social activities that community members engage in amongst themselves.

Where Will You Live?

Students participating in the program will live in Esopus Hall.  

Does Participation Earn College Credit?

Yes, students earn one credit per semester for participating in the Sustainability LLC.  While the Sustainability LLC is open to students with any major or minor, the credit can be applied in fulfillment of the requirements of the Environmental Studies Minor Program.   

How to Apply

There is no additional cost to residing in the Sustainability Living Learning Community.  The only requirement is an interest in sustainability issues and a commitment to being an active part of the community.  But space is limited, so if you are interested in being a part of the Sustainability LLC, you must apply.  To apply, click here to be transferred to the official Residence Life page on living learning communities.