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Spring 2022 DRAFT

All campus community members and especially Sustainability Faculty Fellows are welcome to join us for the following workshops and community discussions:

CHOOSE DATE AND TIME - Teaching with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development Workshop with Jessica Crowell (Digital Media & Journalism) INSERT DATE at the Faculty Development Center (College Hall 113)  Do you have a passion for sustainability? Assistant Professor Jessica Crowell will introduce you to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development so that you can begin to explore strategies to integrate this multi-dimensional framework into your teaching. Jessica will share her personal journey connecting with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in her department's gateway course and provide information on the Sustainability Faculty Learning Community. Bring your own lunch!

Wednesday, March 23 at 10 am - Community Discussion on All We Can Save with Sarah Wyman (English/FDC) at the Faculty Development Center (College Hall 113).  All We Can Save is "an anthology of writings by 60 women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward," including SUNY New Paltz Alum Emily Atkin, author of HEATED, a weekly newsletter dedicated to original accountability reporting and analysis on the climate crisis.  Please strive to read the following short essays from All We Can Save, accessible online via the Sojourner Truth Library Catalog:

  • Indigenous Prophecy & Mother Earth – Sherri Mitchell
  • What is Emergent Strategy? – Adrienne Maree Brown
  • On Fire – Naomi Klein
  • A Green New Deal for All of Us – Rhiana Gunn-Wright
  • Truth Be Told – Emily Atkin (SUNY New Paltz alum!)

Thursday, March 24 at 3:30 - Teaching with Paul Hawken's Drawdown Climate Solutions and Regeneration Workshop with Andrea Varga (Theater Arts/Honors) and Megan Ferguson (Chemistry) at the Faculty Development Center (College Hall 113).  Learn how faculty from across the disciplines are integrating a climate solutions approach into their classes using Drawdown and Regeneration, both edited by Paul Hawken.  Strive to read in advance a brief section of Regeneration - the "People" section - read just the introduction which is pages 226-234 OR the whole section pages 226-291.  An electronic version of Regeneration is accessible online through the Sojourner Truth Library.

March 30, Wednesday at 10 am - Community Discussion on DEI-Sustainability Connections with Sarah Wyman (English/FDC) and Ed Lawson [Invited] (Student Engagement) at the Faculty Development Center (College Hall 113).  Share your current thoughts on the connections between Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Sustainability.  Or listen and learn to where your colleagues are at.  

Wednesday, April 20 at 10 am - Community Discussion on Paul Hawken's Regeneration with Andrea Varga (Theater Arts/Honors) at the Faculty Development Center (College Hall 113).  Strive to read in advance a short selection of this book (9 pages only!) on Indigenous Ways of Knowing, but please come learn about the book even if you are unable to read the material in advance.  This short article is accessible online for free at the Sojourner Truth Library Catalog.  Search for the online version of Regeneration by Paul Hawken at the Library Catalog.  Under the Table of Contents, scroll down to the chapter on "People."  Read the "People" introduction, pages 226-228. Then read "Indigeneity" on pages 229 to 235.

CHOOSE DATE AND TIME: How to use the Websites Dollar Street and Gampinder to Teach Students What the World is Really Like Today with Joshua Korenblat (Art/Graphic Design) at the Faculty Development Center (College Hall 113).  Dollar Street is a website that welcomes you into the homes of people around the world who live in four income levels: two dollars or less a day, eight dollars or less a day, thirty-two dollars or less a day, and more than thirty dollars a day.  Josh has been using this website as a platform for students to explore the homes and lives of people worldwide in an open-minded, non-judgmental way. They often discover that the portrait of the world is more nuanced than what they expect.  In this workshop, Josh will show you how you can use Dollar Street to teach stories about sustainability and consumption in your classroom. He will share his experience teaching this topic in a way that causes conversation and a curiosity about what we can learn from people at income levels 1 and 2, rather than pushback. Dollar Street also brings up many other topics of conversation.  Gapminder is the organization that developed Dollar Street. Founded by Hans Rosling, the author of Factfulness, Gapminder shows us the world is less polarized than we often imagine and that despite all the bad news in the world, we're healthier and wealthier than we've ever been. This site uses public data but presents intuitive and rewarding interactive data visualizations.

CHOOSE DATE & TIME: Goethe's Tender Empiricism with Joshua Korenblat (Art/Graphic Design) at the Faculty Development Center (College Hall 113) CHECK AVAILABILITY  Explore what we can learn about ecological thinking, being, and doing through the poet-scientists of the past (when such an idea wasn't a contradiction). Goethe believed that instead of being motivated by control, we could gather observations of our world to become more vulnerable to it—and this is the path toward an authentic understanding of our world.  Optional: consider reading the chapter that Josh wrote on this subject.  
CHOOSE DATE & TIME - PERHAPS A STUDY DAY?: Get Ready into Summer Sustainability Reading: Share Your Favorite Sustainability Books, Articles, and Resources with Joshua Korenblat (Art/Graphic Design)  What are your favorite sustainability resources that you'd like to share with the Sustainability Faculty Learning Community?  In this round-robin community discussion, share your favorite sustainability books, articles, and resources with your colleagues.  Don't have any favorites yet?  Then just listen and learn!


Past Events

Winter 2022

  • January Institute - January 18 & 19

Fall 2021

  • Wednesday, September 29 at 8 am - Final presentations of the 2020-21 cohort of Sustainability Faculty Fellows
  • Thursday, September 30 at 5 pm - Social gathering at a home near campus.  Rain date October 7 at 5 pm
  • October 20 - Sustainability Faculty Fellows(6th Cohort) Virtual Gathering
  • Thursday, October 21 at 5 pm - Social gathering & potluck dinner around a backyard fire at a home near campus.  Rain date October 28 at 5 pm.
  • Tuesday, November 2 at 4 pm - Using the Global Goals as a Teaching Framework - Curious about different models for utilizing the Global Goals to teach sustainability from lecture courses to studios or labs?  Professor Andrea Varga will introduce some of her strategies for incorporating the Global Goals across a variety of courses, explore the UNESCO Learning for Sustainable Development resources, and help brainstorm ways any faculty member can creatively teach sustainability within their curricula.  Visit for more information.
  • November 10 - Sustainability Faculty Fellows(6th Cohort) Virtual Gathering
  • December 15 - Sustainability Faculty Fellows(6th Cohort) Virtual GatherinMore community-building events to be announced!